Liver Hero

2018 Liver Hero

When Melinda heard news that she needed a live donor transplantation, her world almost came to a stop when their family thought they had exhausted their list of resources and close contacts. But she then received a call.

“My sister called and told me her close friend Robin had graciously signed up to be a donor but had recently been denied. The good news was that her husband, Jeff had also signed up and he’s been asked to fly in for evaluation. My heart leapt! Not only was I so excited that things were moving again but that there are people out there willing to help who don’t even know me. We got news that Jeff was still a match after evaluation and biopsy and they were moving forward. The feelings of hope were burning again and I got another breath of life. The call came. Jeff is my match!” – Melinda Ray

Jeff Bramstedt stepped up to become a liver hero and saved her life. Jeff is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and Founder of Life of Valor, an organization with the mission to help boys become men and prepare men for a life of valor. After spending nearly 13 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL, Jeff was medically retired and entered vocational ministry. He spends his time speaking to corporations, leadership groups, churches, men’s groups, mentoring young men and training future leaders. Jeff has not only demonstrated strength and courage through helping Melinda by donating a portion of his liver, but continues to inspire others within his community to live courageously and overcome all obstacles.

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