11 JUNE 2018

Chef Tim Carden, Onion Garden

Chef Tim Carden has been working in hospitality since he was 14 years old as a way to earn money over the summer. This was no coincidence either. Early in life chef Tim developed a passion for cooking and entertainment. Food, family and fun were central at gatherings.
He attended Kendall College of Chicago, where he participated in various competitions and also spent time in France for the Bocuse d Or.
Eager to learn about culture, Tim dedicated much of his early career working long hours in French kitchens and traveling with the time he had off.
His culinary adventures took him to Spain, France, Ireland, England, Sweden, Canada and various Regions of America. Through out these tours he learned the secrets of flavor, culture and life.
His flavors are inspired by these cultural experiences. Chef Tim also has a bachelors degree in nutrition and dietetics from Dominican University.

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