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13 JUNE 2018

Chef Paul Caravelli, The Stained Glass

Chef Paul Caravelli brings his years of kitchen experience and passion for hospitality to The Stained Glass in Evanston.  He is fascinated by food and enjoys both the culinary and pastry aspects of cooking. He is a very caring and easy-going chef with an incredible sense of humor.
Caravelli’s love for food began as a child where he would spend weekends cooking old world Italian with his grandpa. Paul graduated from culinary school at Kendall College in Evanston and then began his career as a line cook at Everest Room. His love for French food blossomed, and he accepted a sous chef position at Bistro Kirkou and eventually took the reigns as Executive Chef at 545 North. At the urging of his fellow co-workers, he applied and was chosen for the first season on ABC’s “The Taste.” Paul was a semi-finalist on the show and got to work with his personal hero, Anthony Bourdain.
Caravelli then headed West to Denver where he worked as a consultant, organic farmer and special event chef for the Balestreri Family Winery. Paul continued West to Sacramento and opened Crawdads on the River, with fellow Taste contestant, Adam Pechal. After years in California, Paul became homesick and moved back to Chicago.
When Paul is not working, he likes to play ice hockey (he still has most of his original teeth!) and hang with his cat Monkerz while watching their favorite TV show, Ancient Aliens.
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