Local Chefs

Chefs and their restaurants are at the heart of our event. It is through their generosity and dedication that the American Liver Foundation is able to bring you this event. Below is a list of this year’s participating chefs.

Chef Co-Chair Christopher Gross

Chef Co-Chair Matt Carter

Chef Co-Chair Chris Masco

Chef Rochelle Daniel

Chef Anthony DeMuro

Chef David Duarte

Chef Sara Garrant

Chef Alan "Skip" Hause

Chef Ivan Jacobo

Chef Russell LaCasce

Chef Kyle Lipetzky

Chef Peter McQuaid

Chef Alex Pasco

Chef James Porter

Chef Kirsten Seltzer

Chef Rebecca Tillman

Chef Tom Baumbach

Chef Joseph Castillo

Chef Jon Clancy

Chef Thomas D'Ambrosio

Chef Ron Dimas

Chef Jacob Ellis

Chef Bryan Gorton

Chef Eric Howson

Chef Jason Jaynes

Chef Branden Levine

Chef Beau MacMillan

Chef Jeremy Pacheco

Chef Tandy Peterson

Chef Jennifer Russo

Chef Marcos Seville

Chef Brett Vibber

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